1998 Lotta’s Oscar Choices

by Ginger Marin

Best Picture: Saving Private Ryan – Why? The first segment alone, when they land on the beach, is a veritable tour de force of directorial achievement. It stunningly shows the hideousness of war as never before seen in a film.

Best Director:
Steven Spielberg – Why? He consistently proves his vision and worth to the film industry.

Best Original Screenplay: Bulworth – Why? Warrren Beatty deserves great credit for initiating this wonderful critique on modern day politics. He and his co-writer tell it like it is, as disgusting as it is, but in an oddly magical and comical way.

Best Actor: Edward Norton (American History X) – Why? Edward Norton is the most brilliant young actor on the screen today. He is both inventive and interesting to watch no matter what he plays. Plus he did a terrific job as the (supporting) character Worm in “Rounders”.

Best Supporting Actor: Billy Bob Thornton (A Simple Plan)- Why? Remember what I said about Norton – well same goes for Thornton, only he’s older. He finds a character and portrays him in unique and interesting ways. That makes for a very valuable actor.

Best Actress: Cate Blanchett (Elizabeth)- Why? Range and luminosity make this an actress to watch!

Best Supporting Actress:
Brenda Blethyn (Little Voice) – Why? As Little Voice’s mother, she did an absolutely brilliant job portraying levels of love, greed, humor, patheticness and on and on. Her range is beyond belief in this film.