Hollywood B.S.

Methinks Hollywood doth protest too much! Ever since the Littleton school shootings and the subsequent attacks on the media by the Clinton administration, film executives have been complaining that they’ve been betrayed by the Democrats. After all, the movie industry is made up of some very wealthy liberal Democrats who have funded that party’s cause for many years now. And for the Democrats to turn around and blame the movie industry for supporting and marketing excessive violence, well, that’s just not done. The fact that it’s true, doesn’t matter.

I’m against censorship in this area but I think it would be nice if the industry policed itself. Of course it won’t – not when big bucks are at stake.

Hearing these film executives deny that they market violence and sex to children is enough to turn my stomach. Of course they do!

I was sitting there getting ready to watch “The Mummy”, a film rated PG-13, when on came a slew of “R” rated trailers. Who did they think was sitting in that audience?

And why is nudity permitted in a PG-13 film, anyway? If it’s healthy rather than exploitative to show nudity then why is it that only females are nude in American films and not men?

I’m so sick and tired of Hollywood B.S. If you look at the newspaper, you will see that the majority of films are rated “R” – RESTRICTED! Yet the marketing execs insist that the largest film audience in this country is made up of teenagers – roughly aging from 12-21. How do they account for this discrepancy? They don’t; they ignore it and then they go crying around town that they are being unfairly singled out. They blame the gun industry. Why not? Everyone else does.

The gun industry makes guns – tools for many. And the film industry glorifies them. The Clinton administration uses these tools effectively whenever it chooses in places like Kosovo, Iraq and Somalia.

Face it, everyone’s to blame and no one’s to blame. Our society has produced some rather sick and evil individuals. It happens. And ultimately those individuals are responsible for their own actions. But, Hollywood would do well to shut its collective trap and not lie anymore about its marketing techniques. We all know who they target and it isn’t Granny and Grandpa; it isn’t even Mom and Dad.