Ratings System

party dog

Lotta's unique rating system proves that some movies are for the dogs while others make them jump for joy.

party Dog


Party Dog:

This movie will knock your socks off! It is so great that your life will be uplifted or you will be so moved that you will forget you're watching a movie – you will share your life with it. You will definitely want to buy the video or DVD because you know you're going to watch this movie time and time again and either drool over the cast or story. This movie will make your month and possibly even your year!

3 Bone Dog

Three Bone Dog:

Hey, this movie is very, very good indeed. It's a wowie kind of thing to watch. Cast and story are just terrific. This one you must recommend to all your friends and not tell your enemies about. This is worth buying the video or DVD for watching again. This movie made your day or week!

2 Bone Dog

Two Bone Dog:

The movie is good. It will keep your interest; story and casting are above average and you'll come away saying "Hey, I liked this movie". You may not be able to describe exactly why you liked it, but that's okay – all that is important is that you did. Lotta thinks a two-boner gives you your money's worth and is usually fun to boot!


1 Bone Dog

One Bone Dog:

This means the movie is okay or a tad bit more. You'll watch it all the way through and may like some parts better than others. It may not seem terribly original but it was watchable. Some things are just okay and sometimes that's good enough.


Sleeping Dog


Sleeping Dog:

The movie is a sleeper. By that, Lotta means it's going to put you to sleep most likely not that it's one of those hidden 'sleeper hits' that industry likes so much. It means it's downright boring, a drag, probably not worth your time, you may not even be able to get through it.

Peeing Dog


Peeing Dog:

Oh, bad news for this movie if it got the peeing dog. It means Lotta hopes that it will eat the yellow snow. This movie is such a bummer that if you could punch the screen, you probably would; if you could pee on it yourself you most definitely would. This is a movie that should never have been made, is a waste of everyone's time and money and the cast and director who made it as well as the writer(s) should be fined and made to donate all their money to other starving actors and actresses and poor homeless animals all over the world.