4th Floor, The

Rated: R

Spooky goings on in a dark New York City apartment house will give you the creeps in this rather well done scarefest staring William Hurt and Juliette Lewis.

Lewis plays Jane Emelin, an interior designer who inherits a low-rent apartment from her dead Aunt. Beau Greg Harrison (William Hurt), a loopy local weatherman is against the idea. He thought they were moving into a house together in the suburbs. But she needs some space. Thank God we’re spared any shenanigans between the two. With the age difference between them I’m afraid I would have puked, but all is well – a minor kiss and some hugs is all we have to put up with. And all is well.

Almost immediately, Jane is made to feel unwelcome. Dark hallways, suspicious looking neighbors, this place is bizarre even for New York City. The old lady downstairs, who no one ever sees, has it is for her from the first time Jane tries to move the furniture. What’s a poor hard working girl to do? She battles it out with the mysterious old lady, escalating warfare as anyone who’s ever lived in an apartment house will surely recognize: the pounding on the floor/ceiling, the blasting music, etc.

Poor Jane, it gets worse and pretty soon her beautiful apartment is overrun with mice, maggots; there are threatening letters and other mysterious developments, one in the guise of kindly neighbor Mr. Collins (Austin Pendleton). No one does weird like good old Austin.

Lotta says
the mood is just right with “The Fourth Floor” – a little movie that packs enough spooks and intelligent performances to make it worth your while. R-rated for language and violence.