Black and White

pissing dogStars:  Jared Leto, Bijou Phillips, Brooke Shields, Marla Maples, Joe Pantoliano

White teenage sluts cavort with black rap/hip hop “artist” wannabes (read street thugs in gold chains with gold teeth) in this vulgar trash that pretends to explore the magic and power of today’s black culture over white identity-starved teenagers who believe they really want to be black.

Non-stop curse infested rap music drowns out dialogue. I lasted about 25 minutes before walking out. Lotta was dragged to this garbage against her will but even the person she was with (male) hated it too.

Lotta says: It was black and white to her. Her expectations were low from the first frame and the first vulgar sex scene proved her right. If she missed anything of importance by walking out, she doesn’t care. A movie is supposed to grab you in the first five minutes, not repulse you. If the director wanted to explore what he thought was a legimiate subject then he should have made a straight documentary instead of using actors.

As far as the vulgar sex scene goes – just another example of a fat, ugly middle aged director (he’s in his own film) getting his rocks off filming naked teenage girls simulating sex. Under any other guise, it’d be called pron.