Bone Collector, The

Stars:  Denzel Washington, Angelina Jolie

A killer taunts New York City’s finest by leaving mysterious clues at his grisly crime scenes.

Smart rookie cop Amelia Donaghey (Angelina Jolie) who’s first on the scene of the latest murder takes great care to protect the evidence before a rainstorm washes it away. Her efforts come to the attention of top forensics cop Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington) who’s being assigned the case against his will. That’s because he has very little interest left in anything but dying. Injured on the job four years earlier, he now lies paralyzed in his apartment with just a computer and nurse for company.

Oddly, he’s still on active duty and before you know it, his superiors haul in equipment and personnel to assist him, including the smart rookie Amelia who has even less interest than Rhyme in working the case.

But, being low cop on the totem pole means she has to do their bidding. Rhyme believes Amelia has terrific instincts and holds great promise as a forensics cop. Now determined to solve the case, Rhyme sends out her to do the field work that he can no longer do.

This is a taut thriller, very well done with Washington doing a terrific job despite the fact that he can only lie there and use nothing but his face and voice to get his emotions across. Jolie works well both with him and against him. The story keeps your interest throughout and your mind guessing. To say more would give away too much.

Good featuring players in Queen Latifah as his trusted nurse Thelma, Ed O’Neill as Pauley, a friend and chief detective, Luis Guzman as Eddie Ortiz, his top notch lab technician.

Lotta says break out the chips and dip and watch some bone collecting. On second thought, forget the eats – some scenes may very well turn your stomach – but this is good suspense all around.