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Guy Stockwell Tribute and Obit

Former Student  — actor/writer/journalist Ginger Marin — provides this special remembrance about Guy Stockwell who died in February 2002:  “Guy […]

Bad Dialogue

Sometimes, movie lines can be great indicators of the human condition. Sometimes, they’re mundane chit-chat. And other times, they are […]

Favorite Movie Quotes

by Ginger Marin Cool pick up lines, famous speeches, and infamous sound bites…they are what makes a film immortal. These […]


Alien LegacyIf you don’t already have the DVD versions of Alien and Aliens this is a good deal because the […]


Fantasia AnthologyThis remarkable package contains three discs featuring Fantasia, Fantasia 2000 and a special third disc called Fantasia Legacy. We […]


Die Hard: Ultimate CollectionWOW! When they said “Ultimate” they meant it. Don’t even think about picking up the previous Die […]

Network TV & Diversity

Now that the TV executives have set their fall schedules, people are talking about the incredible lack of ethnic diversity […]

Stupid Films

I am reminded about the line in the beginning of “Aliens” when Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley asked a bunch of stupid […]

Hollywood B.S.

Methinks Hollywood doth protest too much! Ever since the Littleton school shootings and the subsequent attacks on the media by […]

51st Emmy Awards Show

by Ginger Marin I’m going to depart from my preferred format for critiquing an awards show because the Emmys, in […]

51st Emmy Award Choices

by Ginger Marin Network television is fraught with generic, badly written, stupid sitcoms and dramas that seem to be recycled […]