DVD Specials

You know what’s so great about DVDs? You really get your money’s worth. They’re chock full of goodies: special music, star interviews, actors and director’s commentaries and wonderful bits of behind-the-scenes information. And of course, the quality of the picture itself is extraordinary. Just a reminder, though, DVDs are delicate little creatures. Keep them safe and scratch-free and you’ll get years of enjoyment. 


Alien LegacyIf you don’t already have the DVD versions of Alien and Aliens this is a good deal because the […]


Fantasia AnthologyThis remarkable package contains three discs featuring Fantasia, Fantasia 2000 and a special third disc called Fantasia Legacy. We […]


Die Hard: Ultimate CollectionWOW! When they said “Ultimate” they meant it. Don’t even think about picking up the previous Die […]