Chill Factor

Stars:  Peter Firth, David Paymer, Skeet Ulrich

Eighteen members of a military research team get wiped out accidentally during a chemical research project. The scientist gets off scott free but the Army captain in charge, Andrew Brenner ({Peter Firth), gets to be the scapegoat. He’s sent to prison for ten years. And now that’s he out, revenge is the only thing on his mind. Not only does Dr. Richard Long (David Paymer) pay dearly for his part in the accident, but Brenner contrives a way to steal the deadly chemicals and sell them to the highest bidder with the use of a glitzy black ops team.

Up till now, it’s a taut suspense, then enters the involvement of short-order cook with a temper, Tim Mason (Skeet Ulrich) and Arlo (an ice cream delivery man played by Cuba Gooding, Jr.). Suddenly this deteriorates into an inept buddy film with the buddies bantering stupid dialogue as they try to escape with their lives and save the free world (or at least a good chunk of the US west coast) from being liquified.

I would have thought that Cuba Gooding, Jr. was above this slop. Sure he does banter well and Skeet’s not bad with stupid talk either, but this could have been a better B-flick with unknowns throughout. They either would have done a better job or at least you wouldn’t have expected more than what was being delivered here.

Lotta says
“Chill Factor” left me lukewarm.