Deuce Bigalow, Male Gigolo

Rated: R
Stars:  Rob Schneider, Oded Fehr, Eddie Griffin, Arija Bareikis

There’s no denying the dumbness of this movie. But it’s also sweet and funny at times thanks to the talents of wacky Rob Schneider, who is also credited with co-writing this thing.

Deuce Bigalow (Schneider) is a hapless mess. He’s newly unemployed because he just got fired from his aquarium tank cleaning job and as far as women are concerned, he’s the biggest dud around. Trying to earn a few extra bucks, Deuce routinely rescues goldfish from people’s toilet bowls.

One day, Deuce meets a dark and daring European named Antoine (Oded Fehr) who has a well appointed house on the beach and a tank full of exotic fish. Deuce comes to the rescue when one of the fish becomes ill and soon he’s asked to house-sit while Antoine jaunts off to Switzerland on business. Just don’t mess up my house while I’m gone, warns Antoine, and sure enough, it’s the first thing that dumbo Deuce does. The ritzy digs is swimming in hundreds of gallons of fish tank water and Deuce now has to figure a way to clean the place up before Antoine gets back in three weeks.

A call from one of Antoine’s “clients” sets Deuce’s wheels in motion and a new trade is discovered – that of male gigolo – or in the film’s phraseology – he-whore or man whore. In no time at all, Deuce gets himself a black pimp named T.J Hicks (Eddie Griffin) and the hilarity begins when Deuce is introduced to his clientele: a black mamma the size of King Kong, a giant, a tourette syndrome victim and a woman with narcolepsy. The gags are predictable all around, except Deuce finds a unique way in each case to avoid sleeping with the deadbeats and still satisfy their needs.

His job takes a turn for the better when he meets Kate (Arija Bareikis), the woman of his dreams. Sure she’s got something wrong with her too, but Deuce is smitten and again he learns to cope.

Expect some bathroom humor and lots of dumbness, but it’s never gross. Also features William Forsythe as Detective Chuck Fowler.

Lotta says: “Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo” is cute, dumb “R”-rated stuff.