Freaky Friday

Stars:  Jamie Lee Curtis, Lindsay Lohan, Mark Harmon, Harold Gould, Chad Michael Murray, Stephen Tobolowsky, Christina Vidal
Director:  Mark S. Waters
  Leslie Dixon, Heather Hach from the original 1976 screenplay by Mary Rodgers

Sometimes a little too silly, other times, right on with exceeding wit and style, this Disney remake has Jamie Lee Curtis as Ellen, a widow about to be remarried to Ryan (Mark Harmon) at the same time she faces a meltdown with rebellious daughter Annabel (Lindsay Lohan). During the weeks leading up to the big event, they undergo a mysterious alteration, courtesy of a Chinese fortune cookie, that has them exhanging bodies and thus mentalities and sensibilities. Mom and daughter really do get to wear each other’s shoes, not to mention their professions (student vs. doctor) and boyfriends. Complications are boundless.

Lotta says:
Both ladies do a terrific job in the big switch but at times, Curtis’ over-the-top shrewness is hard to accept. Mark Harmon handles the confusion with great aplomb. This is a fun film, particularly for mothers-daughters.

DVD Features: Deleted scenes, bloopers, music videos, alternate endings
Video Format: Letterboxed Widescreen
Audio Tracks: Dolby, Surround Sound – English
Discs: 1

Studio:  Disney

Reviewed:  Dec. 2003