Galaxy Quest

A group of actors in a “Star Trek” type TV show called “Galaxy Quest” are mistaken by a group of visiting goofy aliens for being the real thing. The aliens, Thermians, from some far off Nebula need their help to vanquish their enemy.

The actors go along thinking it’s a gag and then get way over their head when they realize they must do or die. Meanwhile the poor Thermians lives are in danger.

This is real cornball stuff with some very funny and cute moments. No need to give anything else away here. Rent it; enjoy it; but realize it’s a whole goof on the Star Trek convention and fan mania with a wacky twist.

Tim Allen stars as the commander; Sigourney Weaver is the communications gal; Alan Rickman does a marvelous Mr. Spock type alien and Tony Shalhoub plays the technical ‘Scotty’ type. Sam Rockwell and Daryl Mitchell also appear.

Lotta says tthose who followed such sci-fi shows as Star Trek will get the gags.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It’s a hoot.