Iron Giant, The

This is one of the best animated films I have ever seen! It’s entertaining, exciting, gently humorous, lovely and beautiful all rolled into one big heap.

The film is actually a combination of traditional animation and computer-generated effects when it comes to the Iron Giant himself. The marvelous screenplay was written by Tim McCanlies from a screen story by director Brad Bird and was based on the book “The Iron man” by British author Ted Hughes.

Set in 1957 at the height of the atomic age when kids are shown bomb survival films and Americans fear the Russian “Red Menace”, it begins with the Iron Giant arriving from outer space. Sightings of the 50-foot tall metal man are made by some of the locals of Rockwell, Maine who are deemed crazy. Then one night, a little boy by the name of Hogarth Hughes discovers the mechanical beast deep in the woods. He saves its life and what follows is a beautiful friendship filled with delightful discoveries both for the boy and for the giant.

What sets this film apart from other animated tales, I think, is the wonderful characterizations. They are richly drawn while inhabiting a simple tale with simple messages of love, understanding and non-violence. Hogarth cares deeply for his friend and his passion affects Dean McCoppin (wonderfully voiced by Harry Connick, Jr.), a very hip junkyard owner and metal working artist. His is a really cool character, indeed, and it soon becomes a threesome with Hogarth and Dean protecting the Giant from over-zealous government man Kent Mansley.

Jennifer Aniston voices Hogarth’s Mom, Annie; Vin Diesel is the Giant’s voice; Christopher MacDonald plays Kent Mansley; John Mahoney is General Rogard and Eli Marienthal plays Hogarth.

Lotta says this is a must-see!