Lake Placid

This is a wonderfully entertaining “monster-in-the-lake” horror tale that doesn’t take itself too seriously. In fact, it’s downright funny thanks to creative characterization and witty dialogue.

Bill Pullman stars as Jack Wells, a Maine Fish & Wildlife official heading up a team to investigate a man’s horrible death. His is probably the most staid of the characters in the ensemble: Bridget Fonda as Kelly Scott a New York City museum paleontologist who hates the woods and especially mosquitoes, Brendan Gleeson plays Sheriff Hank Keough, a no-nonsense, kind of guy who hates being thought of as a hick – and of course everyone refers to him as such; Oliver Platt plays Hector Cyr, a deranged mythology professor and reptile specialist and finally there is Betty White as Mrs. Delores Bickerman, the elderly woman who lives in the woods with her array of animals.

The cast’s interaction is well played and the special effects are quite good too.

Entertainment is the key factor here. Without the humor and good cast, this might be just a so-so horror tale. But it’s surpasses quite a few others and is fun to watch.

Lotta says “Lake Placid” is too good to pass up.