Skeeping DogRated: R
Stars:   Billy Bob Thornton, Morgan Freeman, Holly Hunter, Kirsten Dunst, Manuel Aranguiz
Director:   Ed Solomon
Screenwriter:   Ed Solomon

Billy Bob Thornton sleepwalks through his role as Manuel Jordan, a convicted murderer paroled from prison 22 years after killing a teenager during a robbery attempt. Still tormented with guilt, he seeks redemption from his victim’s sister, Adele (Holly Hunter), who doesn’t know who he is. Aiding in his rehabilitation is Morgan Freeman as Miles Evans, a street smart preacher while Kirsten Dunst plays an annoying party-girl who intrudes on his solitude as he does janitorial work at the local community center in the town where Adele lives.

Lotta says:  Levity is anything but light and airy. It’s downright morose. Not a bad film just one struggling to keep its viewers awake. Decent performances but Thornton’s low energy threatens to tank it. If it sounds like yor cup of tea, suggest you keep the coffee perking instead! It’s rated R for language.