Meet the Parents


The pairing of Robert DeNiro as a scowling, spying, perfectionist father and Ben Stiller as a magnificently accident-prone potential son-in-law is simply perfect. The story’s concept is a classic and the comedic elements are absolutely absurd. Jumbled together, you get a comedy that’s sharp and hilarious, filled with belly laughs galore.

Stiller plays Greg Focker, whose name is a running gag throughout, a male nurse who is deeply in love with Pam Byrnes (Teri Polo), a beautiful kindergarten schoolteacher. When he discovers that the polite thing to do is to first ask her father for permission to marry her, off they go Oyster Bay, a ritzy New York suburb to meet the parents. DeNiro plays Jack Byrnes and Blythe Danner is wife Dina.

From the moment that Jack opens the front door and spots Greg you can tell this is going to be a bumpy weekend which is also a prelude to Pam’s sister’s wedding to a elitist doctor. Greg can’t do anything right and has the added pressure in knowing that Jack doesn’t like him. See Greg try. See Greg try very hard. See Greg turn churn out disaster upon disaster.

Obviously to say too much you spoil the gags but suffice it to say, this is a fun and funny film. The acting is right on. Yes, the story is absurd, but you can’t help but laugh about the ridiculous situations set up for poor Greg.

Lotta says meeting the in-laws was never funnier.