Mickey Blue Eyes

Stars: Hugh Grant, Jeanne Tripplehorn, James Caan

It looks like Hugh Grant has his second hit this year in “Mickey Blue Eyes”. It’s one notch down from “Notting Hill”, but definitely high in the laughs department.

Michael Felgate (Grant) plays an auctioneer in an ritzy New York City auction house. He’s deeply in love with Gina Vitale (Jeanne Tripplehorn) who just happens to be the daughter of a mobster, Frank Vitale (James Caan). After dating her for only three months and never having met her family, Michael is determined to marry her, even though she shows great hesitancy largely because she knows that if Michael comes into the family he’ll be pressured into doing favors and thus enter a life of crime himself.

But Michael makes her a promise she can’t refuse and the engagement is set. In a snap, Michael is asked to auction off a monstrosity of art painted by the crazy son of “Uncle Vito” (Burt Young). From there it is one disaster after another and pretty soon, Michael has to impersonate a mobster at the behest of soon-to-be father-in-law Frank.

Hilarity abounds in several scenes offering belly laughs galore, then about three-quarters of the way in, the film takes a very dark turn when Michael, Gina and Frank get caught up in some heavy danger. It stays dicey for some time then lightens up appreciably at the end.

Hugh Grant is undeniably personable and handles comedy in his trademark “confused” state very well. In fact he’s the best at it, with the exception of Cary Grant who often played at high comedy. It was nice seeing James Caan again; he’s a perfect mobster and was surrounded by the usual suspects – well recognized supporting actors who manage to show up in every mob film or TV show being made. Tripplehorn does well as the reluctant bride.

Lotta says this one has enough laughs to make you fall out of your seat. Enjoy!