Mystery Men

A trio of would be superheroes with absolutely no evidence of any super powers yearn to save the day in Champion City and help Captain Amazing rid it of evil.

Okay, it’s a cute concept for a very silly comic book film that certainly doesn’t rise above its twelve year old audience.

Ben Stiller is Mr. Furious whose only talent is getting ticked off. William H. Macy is The Shoveler, a family man who knows how to wield his shovel for best effect and then there’s Hank Azaria as The Blue Raja, a specialist in fork throwing who sports a phony British accent.

Like a takeoff on Batman, Captain Amazing’s (Greg Kinnear) alter ego is the rich Lance Hunt. Unlike Batman, he’s an egotist who only cares about corporate sponsorships. Since all of Champion City’s evil-doers have been killed or put away, Amazing (as Lance Hunt) votes to get the despicable Casanova Frankenstein (Gregory Rush) released from the asylum.

But Casanova quickly gets the drop on Amazing and the trio searches out other would be superheroes to help save him. There’s Invisible Boy who can only become invisible when no one’s looking, The Spleen (Paul Reubens ) whose specialty is deadly flatulence and Bowler Girl (Janna Garofalo) – she wields a deadly bowling ball with her father’s skull in it. This troupe of losers is eventually guided by The Sphinx (Wes Studi), a Native American who spouts ludicrous canned wisdom to keep up their spirits and convince them they have real power.

Lotta says this nonsense is funny at times, but mostly just dumb.