Plunkett & Macleane

Stars: Robert Carlyle, Liv Tyler

This is a rip-roaring buddy action flick about two robbers set in London 1748 but with distinctively modern tones to it. The music strikes a decidedly upbeat flavor uncharacteristic of the period, yet it totally fits. Some dialoge and even some characters seem ultra modern which adds to the uniqueness of this film.

Robert Carlyle plays a thief named Plunkett; he saves the life of a imprisoned “gentleman” named Captain James Macleane and hatches the idea that the two team up to rob the rich. They gain notoriety and fortune as gentlemen highwaymen robbing the upper class and impressing the ladies with their bold endeavors, even robbing one unfortunate soul during her wedding celebration. But, in this case, she deserved it.

A brutal police captain named Chance is determined to catch them and the reward for their capture rises steadily throughout the film. He’s ambitious too and uses every opportunity to move ahead of the Lord Chief Justice Gibson (Michael Gambon) under whose juridiction the terrible crimes are taking place.

Meanwhile, Macleane falls in love with Gibson’s beautiful daughter Rebecca (Liv Tyler) complicating matters and even jeopardizing his and Plunkett’s anonymity.

Betrayals abound but as in all buddy films, loyalty wins out.

Lotta says: Good acting, very good story. You may not think to rent it, but do.