Shadow Hours

Rated: R
Stars: Balthazar Getty, Rebecca Gayheart

More annoying than anything else. That’s “Shadow Hours”. Written and directed by Isaac H. Eaton, it’s filled with an overly loud soundtrack, sped-up imagery, repetative shots; then there are the lousy characters and uninteresting storyline.

Balthazar Getty plays Michael Holloway, a recovering addict who’s trying to cope with a boring job as a gas station attendant on the overnight shift and pregnant wife, Chloe (Rebecca Gayheart). Along comes Peter Weller as successful writer Stuart Chappell asking for Michael’s help as an observer of human behavior and before long the two of them are club-hopping, night crawling, drinking, drugging, sexing and otherwise acting like garbage in the sewer life of Los Angeles. In fact, there’s so little story here that all you can think is that director Eaton was looking for a cheap way to show us the underbelly of a dirty little city as if he were writing an ad for a demented tourist brochure.

Chappell dangles all sorts of goodies Michael’s way. But will Michael finally do the right thing and go back to his pregnant wife? If you can manage to keep the videotape going all the way through, you might find out but … really, who cares?

Also features Michael Dorn as Det. Thomas Greenwood and Brad Dourif as gas station owner Roland Montague.

Lotta says
this one belongs in the can…the trash can.