Spy Games

Rated: R
Bill Pullman, Irene Jacob

This is a lame spy vs. spy, half comedy, more than half confusion complcated by love vs. love in this film that is hardly worth watching.

Bill Pullman plays Harry, a CIA agent who operates a nightclub as a CIA front in Helsinki. Irene Jacob plays Natasha, an SBR (formerly KGB) agent. They love each other as they operate on different sides of the counterintelligence fence. It could have been a good concept if the story were any good. It’s not.

Bruno Kirby plays Max Fisher, a career criminal asked by a Russian to courier a porno video with secret satellite intelligence code in it to Helsinki and pass it off to the Russian agent. Harry and his Cia partner try to intercept. At the same time, Harry and Natasha continue trying to squeeze in their love affair in the middle of the spying tactics. It sounds cute but this is one film not sure whether it wants to be a comedy, action thriller or drama. The whole first half is very confusing topped off with lousy audio. Consequently, there’s little to care about here.

Lotta says “Spy Games” is a pretty big drag.