Thirteenth Floor

Stars:  Craig Bierko, Armin Mueller Stahl

“Thirteenth Floor is part sci-fi and part classic detective story as it utilizies the theme of a virtual reality experiment set in 1937 where sultry singers and cigarette girls graced the nightclubs and men looked great in tuxedos.

Hanan Fuller (Armin Mueller Stahl) has created a network of supercomputers that are capable of creating an alternate universe. One day, after returning from a trip to cyber space, Fuller is murdered and his associate Douglas Hall (Craig Bierko) is under suspicion. To find Fuller’s killer, Doug enters the same virtual reality program to investigate.

Cool concept and it’s handled exceptionally well even though you might find the lines blurring what’s supposedly real and what’s not to be a tad confusing at times. Stick with it. You’ll get it.

What’s particularly intriguing is the 1937 time period. We just don’t see that too often anymore and set in the frame of a detective story, it’s just perfect. Craig Bierko as Doug moves from present to past as a suave company man to the character of a nerdy bank clerk. Vincent D’Onorfio goes from a hippy looking computer expert to an Aryan bartender. it all works very well.

Gretchen Moll appears as Fuller’s daughter Jane.

Lotta says “Thirteenth Floor” is a well done film hybrid, working on both levels.