Stars:  Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Sutherland

Jamie Lee Curtis screams her way through another one. This highly derivative film has a good set up: a Russian research vessel receives a very strange transmission from the Mir space station.

Skip ahead to a salvage tug, the “Sea Star”, helmed by Donald Sutherland, that’s caught in a storm. The tug comes upon the seemingly deserted Russian ship and aims to claim salvage on it. When crewmembers from the tug go aboard, they discover that the Russian crew is missing and the ship is a mess.

Spooky things start happening as the tug crew tries to restart the ship’s engines and pretty soon horrible things start happening to them too. It’s as if the ship itself is turning against them and it is with the help of a vicious lifeform that equates human beings with viruses to be destroyed.

Lotta says:  I swear I’ve seen this one before – several times. William Baldwin also stars.

Lotta says it’s okay; more gruesome than scary as are most horror films today.