Words and Pictures (2013)

Director: Fred Schepisi
Writer:  Gerald Di Pego
Stars: Clive Owen, Juliette Binoche, Bruce Davison, Amy Brenneman

Running Time:  111 mins.

An art instructor and an English teacher form a rivalry that ends up with a competition at their school in which students decide whether words or pictures are more important.

This lovely film starring Clive Owen as a disillusioned drunk opposite Juliette Binoche as a crippled artist employs eloquent dialogue and strong storytelling.  It’s a visual and auditory delight.   

And we discover, just as their characters do, that not only are words and pictures equal, they are the stuff that moves, inspires and ultimately exalts us to our greater selves … if only we would listen and see.

Lotta says:  Excellent drama not to be missed.