Words, The (2012)

Directors: Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal
Writers: Brian Klugman, Lee Sternthal
Stars: Bradley Cooper, Dennis Quaid, Zoe Saldana, Jeremy Irons, Olivia Wilde
Running Time: 102 mins.

A story within a story within a story unfolds in the beautifully written, lovingly directed and well acted “The Words” about a writer (an excellent Bradley Cooper) who finally achieves success after misappropriating someone else’s work and the emotional upheaval such an action causes.

The film is a delicate balance connecting the present to the past and is layered beautifully with strong characters with believable motivations throughout.  What is the price one must pay for stealing someone else’s life blood?  For Rory it is the profound realization that he could never have created such a thing of beauty on his own which could only have come from the blood, sweat and tears of the man who lived it.  To say much more about the film would really spoil it so I shall leave it there.

Aptly named “The Words” you’ll find that the dialogue is as gorgeously measured as what purports to be the words in the astounding manuscript that Rory finds.  A character in the film says “At some point, you have to choose between life and fiction. The two are very close, but they never actually touch.”  And so for the viewer, something to think about.

Lotta says “The Words” is an emotionally taut structured film that sucks you in much like a well crafted book.  Attention must be paid to this “small” film.  Well done.