Stars:  Steve Martin, Eddie Murphy, Christine Baranski

Steve Martin wrote this hilarious screenplay about Bobby Bowfinger (Martin), a would-be film producer who’ll stop at nothing to get his first film made despite the fact that no one knows him or even wants to know him.

He concocts a scheme to make a movie starring Kit Ramsey (Eddie Murphy), an angry, racism-obsessed hotshot actor even after Kit tells him to bug off. Unwilling to take no for an answer, Bowfinger rifles his life savings, a little over $2,000, and gets his best buddy Dave, who works on a studio lot, to procure everything from film equipment to automobiles for him. Dave also is instrumental in hiring the lead actress, Daisy (Heather Graham).

Bowfinger tells his actors and crew all sorts of lies to get them working and they’re very happy in their ignorance of the truth. Pretty soon, everyone and everything’s in place (sort of) and the production begins, with and without Kit Ramsey.

Meanwhile, Ramsey is so deranged, with his anger and schizophrenic tendencies, that he rushes off to sessions at a place called Mindhead, a celebrity pop-psych facility headed up by Terence Stamp!

I’ll stop there not wishing to spoil the fun.

This is perfect Steve Martin humor – absurd stuff that you can’t help but laugh. Eddie Murphy is absolutely terrific playing dual roles as the aggressive, albeit confused Ramsey and a nerdy lookalike named Jiff.

I loved it. This is a brilliant spoof, the kind that Austin Powers would beg to be. Also stars a very funny Christine Baranski; Jamie Kennedy as Dave and Adam Alexi-Malle as Afrim the screenwriter.

Lotta says: “Bowfinger” is great stupid stuff. You’ll laugh heartily!