This is a psychological suspense yarn starring Tim Roth as Wayland, the suspect to a viscous murder of a hooker. Chris Penn is Braxton and Don Winton is Warren, the two police officers who spend days interrogating him. This interesting tale takes place largely in a single room at the police station where facts and fiction manage to be toppled at every turn and the suspected criminal gets to turn the tables on the cops in a most unusual way. No one is as he seems and absolutely no one is 100-perecent innocent or guilty.

Roth is superb as the rich guy with a dangerous case of epilepsy who manages to control the interrogation. The film is, at times, a little confusing and I found the ending even more so but the journey was still worth it. Renee Zellweger plays Elizabeth, the girl who meets with an unhappy end; Michael Parks is the doctor who warns the police of Wayland’s condition; also featuring Ellen Burstyn.

Lotta says:  if psychological tales interest you, here’s one to take home.