Final Destination


Although, at times, unnecessarily grisly, “Final Destination” is a decent little scare. It involves a group of forty students and their teachers taking a senior trip to Paris for ten days. When Alex’ father says “Live it up; you’ve got your whole life ahead of you.” and then Alex starts looking worried, you know it’s going to be a short trip.

Alex gets on the plane despite feelings of angst and immediately has a premonition that the plane will crash, “seeing” all the gory details of classmates getting sucked out or getting their heads bashed in by flying debris. He makes a ruckus and is hurriedly rustled off the plane. Airline officials don’t take kindly to Alex’ kind of daydreams. Seven are left behind, including Alex, three boys, two girls and a teacher. The plane takes off and boom, it explodes not far from the runway so they can all see just how lucky they really are.

So where does it go from here? It’s all made abundantly clear to them by a rather spooky mortician who explains the realities of life and death as he tends to the body of Todd, a plane survivor who is inexplicably killed in his own bathroom. Here’s the gist: they were all supposed to have been on that plane when it went down, but instead, they somehow managed to cheat death (through Alex’ premonition) and now death is coming back for them.

So, it’s up to Alex to figure out the pattern and try to prevent the inevitable. Death, is in an especially grisly mood when it comes to this lot and one by one, you can kind of guess what he has in store for each of them.

Lotta says: I found “Final Destination” sufficiently suspenseful and rather fun – makes a good Halloweener. Did I mention it was grisly?