This Wonderful World of Disney video is an interesting family tale of a Georgia boy and his horse, both of whom face trials and tribulations.

Lucas Black plays Connor Strong who instantly falls in love with a classy looking colt that’s for sale on a neighbor’s farm. He eventually acquires Flash and grows even fonder but family troubles force him to give him up. Out of desperation, he sells Flash to a rich neighbor who promptly abuses him. That leads Connor to take action which leads to a cross-country journey with Flash as they go to New York City to meet Connor’s Dad who’s returning from a job with the merchant marine.

Lucas Black is one of the best young talents around. And I always enjoy watching. He’s the kid from “Sling Blade” and from TV’s former “American Gothic” – a strong performer with natural instincts.

He gets excellent support from Brian Kerwin as his father David and from Ellen Burstyn as his grandmother Laura.

Lotta says:
Family values, family ties, work ethic and kindness to animals are all themes that ring true in this drama. Realism flies out the window a little in the monster journey that Connor and Flash take, but it is not something that will stand in the way of enjoying the film.