Hi-Lo Country, The

sleeping dog

They say if it doesn’t grab you in the first five minutes, you can forget it – well this film must have grabbed someone. It got made. Me, however, I struggled through 45-minutes of the choppy stuff before the story even remotely became interesting to me. But then, I still didn’t care anything about the characters so I deep-sixed it. Sorry, people.

I’m also not a fan of Woody Harrelson’s whose celebrity is a mystery to me. Billy Crudup (“Without Limits”) and Patricia Arquette also star, while Sam Elliott has a supporting role.

This western-themed story takes place around the time of World War II and involves the struggle for keeping or acquiring cattle and ranches, plus there’s a bit of love triangle going on. The first 45 minutes were a mish-mash of backstory and character development of people who were totally uninteresting to me. I just didn’t want to waste any more time with it, not even for the sake of this review.

So Lotta says let this sleeping dog lie.