Living Out Loud

This film is a collection of wonderful moments created by a wonderful writer and performed by wonderful actors.

The story revolves around Judith Nelson (Holly Hunter), a nurse, who is newly divorced from her self-centered cardiologist husband. Her life seems brutally empty until she finds an unusual companionship in Phil (Danny DeVito) who’s an elevator operator in the ritzy high-rise in which she lives. Phil is also divorced in addition to being an unsuccessful gambler who tries to hide his debts from her.

The uniqueness of this film lies in the very funny monologues Judith has with herself and her fantasies depicting her “invisible” life and her need to break out.

Queen Latifa plays a jazz club singer who befriends the depressed Judith and she does a nice acting job too, I must say. Overall, this is a terrific film thanks to Holly Hunter and Danny DeVito who create very personable yet complex performances. I thoroughly enjoyed all the players. Still, this is not a film for kids. It is doubtful they would appreciate the adult subject matter. I don’t want to give away the story line beyond what I’ve already described. You should take pleasure in the wacky way the story threads between Judith’s reality and Judith’s fantasies. Lotta says this one’s gonna show that it may have been a sleeper at the box office, but it’s a gem at the video stores.