Nephew, The

Stars: Pierce Brosnan

This Pierce Brosnan produced Irish story is not a starring vehicle for him. His character of pub-owner Joe Brady serves more to support the lead character of Tony Egan, a tough farmer who learns that his younger sister Karen, who moved to America 20 years earlier, is dead. Her last wish was that Tony take care of her teenage son Chad.

Chad’s arrival at their small hometown in Ireland is fraught with surprises and elevates the blood feud between Tony and Joe Brady who apparently had a history with Karen.

When Chad takes a liking to Brady’s daughter Ashland, the feud deeply affects the younger generation and there’s turmoil all around. Secrets are outed. Eventually it all ends well but the going is as rocky as the Irish countryside.

It’s nice to see Brosnan out of his suave super-agent role, but again, don’t look for him in every scene because he’s not there. Good solid Irish actors fill the movie. Also starring Sinead Cusack as Brenda.

Lotta says: Occasionally a little slow moving, but “The Nephew” has a good story line, and along with its various surprises, keeps our interest.