October 22

Skeeping Dog

This movie tries to tell the individual stories of several person’s lives and then have their fates intersect at the end. This kind of thing has been done before and it’s been done far better than in this terribly boring tale filled with lousy characters.

Amanda Plummer plays Denise, a student who just lost her boyfriend; there’s Arthur (Ernie Hudson), a fat guy who is trying to disperse of his dead mother’s belongings; Bob (Mark Booney, Jr.) is a hapless auto mechanic who must work two jobs to make ends meet; Gary (Michael Paré) lost his job for brawling and lives in his car; Peter (Tate Donovan) is a harried product placement promotions guy for films; Carole (Donna Murphy) watches as her ex-husband married a younger woman.

Only one of the main characters captures our interest, that of Peter. Actor Tate Donovan does a fine job as the young executive trying to finalize a deal between two parties far removed from reality and snare the beautiful storefront painter named Andrea, whom he just met. She’s a dish and their sparring is cute to watch.

The other characters are not well developed and there is no spark when watching any of them. Consequently, their stories leave us cold even at the fateful ending when we should care about what is going to happen to them.

Lotta says pass on this one.